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Our Goal.

Your Success.

Your Friend In Healthcare is a division of Health As We Age, Inc., (HAWA) creator of the HAWA Virtual Healthcare System. We specialize in developing customized Tele-Wellness Programs for Employers, Insurance Carriers, Community Organizations, Hospitals, Physician Groups and more. You may be looking for a license software solution to support your team, clients and patients or a complete Tele-Wellness Program, HAWA has both options available or a blended solution. As well as the NEW Your Friend In Healthcare year-round complimentary healthy-life curriculum. We can help you reduce overall healthcare costs and achieve your health and wellness goals, no matter the size or complexity.

Your Friend In Healthcare was born over coffee one day, when the CEO, IT Director and Client Services Director started talking about the goal for our community, clients and members. Simply put, our goal is your success!

Maintaining good health and health improvement all takes time and effort, but most of all, it takes a friend in healthcare to navigate the journey, cheer you on and educate you along the way.

Our team of nutritionist, fitness specialist, nurses and health coordinators, share their recipes for success, for all stages of the healthcare continuum. We also feature guest interviews on a broad scope of topics. Our plan is to keep you informed, educated, interested and moving forward, with your personal goal achievement.

Let Your Friend In Healthcare serve as your year-round curriculum for all things healthy!


Brought to you by: Health As We Age, Inc. (HAWA) & The HAWA Virtual Healthcare System