HAWA Press Release

Health As We Age, Inc. (HAWA) February 26, 2018
Chicago, IL, February 26, 2018 - Health As We Age, Inc. (HAWA) announced today, the launch of their new website, yourfriendinhealthcare.com. Your Friend In Healthcare is a forward-thinking hub of information that includes a year-round healthy life curriculum for individuals of all ages. The curriculum features health information, nutrition education, recipes, fitness motivation and workout inspiration. Also highlighted are interviews with thought leaders in health, finance and technology, as well as benefit experts and more.

HAWA’s team of nutritionists, fitness specialists, nurses, health coordinators and outside industry leaders share their recipes for success across all stages of the healthcare continuum.

HAWA designed the complimentary year-round curriculum to support anyone ready to take the HAWA Challenge. Employers, employees, family members and retirees are all welcome to get healthy with HAWA and yourfriendinhealthcare.com. The HAWA Challenge supports your journey to good health with improved health goals, while honoring your achievements. Yourfriendinhealthcare.com is available free of charge for anyone looking for support to learn about health conditions, health risks,
tests and procedures, prevention, nutrition, health innovation, fitness, workouts, financial wellness, behavior health, safety, personal resilience and more!

HAWA also offers fee-based comprehensive Tele-Wellness Programs. New in 2018 - Mini-Well, Active-Well, and Healthy-Well Programs. Whether you are currently a HAWA member, or want to join our healthy life community program and take the HAWA Challenge, HAWA welcomes you to become our friend in healthcare.

About Health As We Age, Inc. (HAWA): Your Friend In Healthcare is a division of Health As We Age, Inc., (HAWA) creator of the HAWA Virtual Healthcare System. We specialize in developing customized Tele-Wellness Programs for Employers, Insurance Carriers, Community Organizations, Hospitals, Physician Groups and more. You may be looking for a license software solution to support your team, clients and patients or a complete Tele-Wellness Program, HAWA has both options available or a blend of both. As well as the NEW Your Friend In Healthcare year- round complimentary healthy-life curriculum. We can help you reduce overall healthcare costs and achieve your health and wellness goals, no matter the size or complexity.

For more information about the NEW complimentary yourfriendinhealthcare.com healthy life curriculum or HAWA’s fee-based Tele-Wellness programs, contact Annie Crawford, VP of Sales at 630-809- 7266 annie@healthasweage.com.