Our health changes throughout our lifetime. Some days we say we are in good health, other days we sigh and say we are in poor health. On our best days, we attempt to improve our health. It can all be a bit confusing; you read so many conflicting stories on how to stay healthy. This section of Your Friend In Healthcare features the HAWA Team sharing their stories, information and personal ideas on how to stay healthy, manage your health, or improve your health as you age.

Provider Spotlight

Shayla Hunter, RN, HAWA Lead Provider

Shayla Hunter

RN, Lead HAWA Provider

Shayla grew up in Nebraska and went to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, but transferred to Nebraska Methodist College to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After graduating, she moved to the Chicago suburbs to get married and start her family. She quickly discovered a passion for community nursing. She has enjoyed working with a wide range of ages, from being a school nurse, to working with adults to reach their health goals.  During her free time she enjoys traveling somewhere warm, spending quality time with family, and reading. 

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