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HAWA Clients

The HAWA Team welcomes new and returning HAWA clients. Every year we look to improve our client services and member experience in our fee-based Tele-Wellness Programs. New in 2018, is Your Friend In Healthcare year-round Healthy Life Program. This additional support can be used individually by HAWA members, or in a group setting during an internal lunch and learn. We hope this program has everything you are looking for to increase employee/family member engagement, improve population health and manage the health of your most valuable asset, your team and their families!

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Health As We Age, Inc. (HAWA) believes in supporting communities in our backyard and across the globe with the Your Friend In Healthcare, complimentary year-round healthy life program.

The HAWA team created Your Friend In Healthcare, a forward-thinking hub of information that supports individuals of all ages. The program was designed to support community health improvement and features health education, nutrition information, fitness motivation with workout inspiration, as well as chronic health condition support. Also highlighted, are interviews with thought leaders in health, finance and technology, as well as benefit experts and more!

HAWA designed the complimentary year-long curriculum to support anyone ready to take the HAWA Challenge below. Community members across the globe are all welcome to get healthy with HAWA and

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HAWA Members

HAWA Members

Thank you for participating in your HAWA Program. Employers, Health Insurance Carriers, Health Systems, Emergency Medical Services and Physicians, look to HAWA to provide Tele-Wellness Programs to eligible populations, through our fee-based programs. New in 2018, HAWA members gain additional support with Your Friend In Healthcare Healthy Life Program. We have designed a year-round program to support your good health, health goals and achievement. We continue to support members who want to learn about a health condition, health risks, tests and procedures, prevention and more, through their secure HAWA Member account in the HAWA Virtual Healthcare System! 

During your HAWA Program, we will post new articles in Your Friend In Healthcare, weekly. Follow Your Friend In Healthcare by clicking the RSS feed below, so you don't miss a single update!

Brokers, Consultants, Carriers, TPA's, Employers, Health Systems, Physicians

Have you been with the same vendor partner for too many years? Do you get excited by health innovations? Does your executive team want to increase benefit engagement and outcomes? Are you looking for an exciting new health management platform to work in? Are you looking to consolidate services for a comprehensive experience? Are you tasked to do more with less, but guarantee world-class experiences?

If you answered yes to one or more questions above, we have a lot to talk about!  We can also tell you about our cost cutting advanced products and services, to reduce your budget this year! Get healthy with HAWA!



Annie Crawford, Editor

Welcome to Your Friend In Healthcare! It's been a dream of mine for some time now, to create a space for adult health education. After graduating with a Masters in Educational Leadership, I realized the value of being a continuous learner. What better area to focus on, than our own health and well-being? My team and I aim to provide a variety of health information, challenges, recipes, interviews and motivation, throughout the year. 

If you'd like to see us focus on a specific topic, email me.



The HAWA Health Challenge

Take the HAWA Health Challenge to maintain your good health, set goals for health improvement and manage any chronic health conditions. To take the challenge, fill out the form below. Thank you! HAWA Team