Interview with the HAWA CEO

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Q - What does HAWA stand for?

A - Health As We Age, Inc.

Q - Why did you and the other co-founders pick that name for your company?

A - Great question! We wanted to look at health from birth, through our golden years and everything in-between.

Q - What is your life's passion?

A - I'm passionate about helping people. Everyone needs help at different parts of our lives, but often people are hesitant to receive help. Our goal is to make it easy to get the help you need with health related questions, concerns, and goals, during the best of times and the most difficult of times. Living with a chronic health condition is just as difficult as training for a marathon. But with support, both are achievable and manageable.

Q - Tell us about your team.

A - They are Your Friend In Healthcare. The ones you go to to ask a question about your health. The friend that motivates you to stay focused on your goals. The person to encourage you to see a doctor. Someone you trust. They are forward thinking, creative, caring and compassionate people.