Food Safety Q & A


Q: Where does food safety begin?

A: Food safety really begins with grocery shopping. The best approach is to save your refrigerated items (dairy, meat, eggs) until the end so they don’t sit in your cart and warm up. It is also important to quickly get them into the refrigerator or freezer, once home!

Q: When you do meal prep, how do you practice food safety?

A: First and foremost, use different utensils and cutting boards for meat and vegetables! Never use the same knife or board you cut raw meat with to cut your vegetables. I always wash my meat cutting board immediately, and sanitize the counter space around it. Wash your hands frequently as well, before touching anything else.

Q: How do you store your prepped food in the fridge?

A: I prefer to keep my meats away from my veggies, even if it is a mixed dish. I do this for two different reasons: 1, they have different shelf lives and 2, they heat up differently and to different temperatures. 

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