Interview with Lori Wilson, Director of Physician Relations, HCA Gulf Coast

Lori Wilson Director Photo Sept 2016 2.jpg

Q - Lori, I've known you over 20 years now, tell our readers, what is your life's passion?
A - God, my family, my friends and animals.  I also love my career in healthcare and am blessed to directly impact my community in a positive way.

Q - As long as I've known you, you've always been focused on helping people, organizations and your community. What is your perspective on the value of neighboring and community outreach?
A - It is invaluable.  People don't live in a community, work for a company or go to a hospital because of the brick and mortar.  It's the actions of the people who have the opportunities to draw people in or turn them away. I strive to be compassionate, understanding, kind, professional and authentic in a purposeful way.  It brings me personal happiness and peace.

Q - In today's world there are always tragic events happening all around us: earthquakes, floods, shootings, protests, etc..., yet you always have an amazing outlook on life. Tell us your personal resilience secrets.
A - It is very simple.  God has my heart and with Him I can do all things.  I'm a creature of Heaven, not this earth.  My focus is ahead, here on earth, and beyond.  I have a running dialogue of personal prayer and conversation with him all day, recognizing my many daily blessings.

Q - I understand you live on a mini-farm and are a healthcare leader. How do you balance work and family life?
A - Taking care of my horses, chickens and farm chores are all things I love to do, but am not a fan of doing it at night, in the rain, and especially not in the infrequent ice, snow and floods we've recently endured.  Last night, I was out in the dark throwing two bales of hay for the horses before the rains came today, and there was a skunk in the hay shed.  I pointed at it and said "not today!", and it allowed me to get the hay unscathed. I was in a business meeting earlier in the week, and one of the people I was meeting with (with my CEO) said they saw me on the road on my tractor, going to get gas.  It's like living on two different planets with a high energy professional life, and a daily country lifestyle after work and the weekends.  I always remember to check my hair for hay before leaving for work.  My grandchildren love the farm life and we create amazing memories together, and I have an amazing group of close friends who I see frequently for dinners.  I am blessed to pick from all the things I love, to balance my life.

Q -  What is one thing you know about the HAWA Team that others may not know yet?
A - They all have a core passion for helping people, and are always innovating new ways to engage organizations and employees successfully.

Q -  Any advice for employers, on incentives to increase health and well-being benefit engagement?
A - Always have multiple incentives that can reach not only the early adopters, but also for those who would not engage in typical wellness progress.  HAWA allows people to not only work in group challenges, but also privately with coaches.  The creation of that personal relationship is key, especially for those who are new to the concept of being in charge of their personal health and well-being.

Q - Some people may not know this, but I understand you really enjoy attending rock concerts. What is the #1 way we can make employees and co-workers feel like a rock star?
A - Music feeds my soul and makes me happy. If I'm cleaning house, working in my office on a project, driving in traffic, doing farm chores, I always have music playing (sometimes really, really loud). It generates a positive atmosphere for me. Strive to find your employees' passions; with that knowledge, a personal plan for their health can be created that fits them like a glove.

Q -  Let's talk a little about goal setting. What are a few examples you can give on how to set and achieve a personal health goal?
A - They should be important to your ultimate goal; small enough to recognize your ability to achieve them early on and balanced with what is feasible to your lifestyle.  Goals should be set with the knowledge that if there are boundaries, there is no harm in adjusting the goal.  Keep moving forward, it's not a race, it's a journey.

Excellent advice Lori, thank you for sharing your personal reflections, advice and encouragement. You are certainly everyone's friend in healthcare!