Summer Hydration


We hear about the importance of hydration for bodily functions, muscle recovery, skin health, and post-workout. Yet, many of us struggle with meeting the daily fluid ounce guidelines or suggestions of 64 ounces a day. Hydration is important in the winter to combat dry skin, and it's just as important in the summer to regulate our body temperatures against the increasing temperatures. But, does hydration have to be just from liquid?

Foods with a high water content provide volume but deliver fewer calories, meaning you can eat more of these foods without greatly increasing your caloric intake. In addition, foods with a rich water content typically contain electrolytes, which help to keep the body's fluids balanced. 

Mix things up this summer and include these hydrating foods to help beat the summer heat: 

Over 90% water content: Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, Strawberries, Watermelon, Cucumbers, Iceberg Lettuce, Sweet Peppers, Spinach, Zucchini and Tomatoes.

Over 70% water content: Cranberries, Raspberries, Pineapples, Plums, Oranges, Pears, Apples, Blueberries, Cherries and Grapes.

While not a complete list, these are some of the most hydrating foods. Include them in salads, meals, as a side, or as a snack.