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Exercise VS Digestion

The relationship between exercise and digestion is always tricky—they cannot happen at the same time, yet they can assist one another in everyday function.  For the active individual, it is a delicate dance between energy intake and energy expenditure, which ultimately affects how we feel.  If you’ve ever worked out on a full stomach, you know what I mean, and you likely avoided making that mistake again!  You see, the majority of your blood flows to the muscles and away from the digestive tract when you exercise, temporarily halting digestion.

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10,000 Steps

Learn the health benefits of a walking program.

Do you know how many steps you take a day? I do. I wear an activity tracker that monitors my movement. It's a great reminder to get up and move when I've been sitting way too long. It also helps me to set a goal to move more each week.

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Winter Fitness Tips

Winter fitness fun!

There's something about Winter that tricks the mind into NOT wanting to work out. Especially if you live in a colder climate. Maybe it's the effort to get out of bed on a cold morning vs. staying under the covers. Or maybe all that comfort food you've been enjoying has weighed you down. Or perhaps a bit of both. We can do this!! You can burn extra calories in the cold, walking in the snow, skiing, snow shoeing, sledding, shoveling and ice skating.

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