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Interview with Dr. Taher Mahmud, MD MSc FRCP Consultant Rheumatologist, Epsom and St. Helier University Hospitals, NHS Trust, London, UK

Dr. Taher Mahmud wants to eradicate osteoporosis!

Q - Dr. Mahmud, tell me how you decided to become a Rheumatologist? Why did you select that specialty?

A - I was always interested in research and immunology and was fortunate to do a research project while a clinical medical student; the findings were presented in scientific meetings and published in Rheumatology journals (characterization of auto-antibodies in scleroderma). I actually ended up doing clinical rheumatology as a stop gap, while waiting for funding for a research project in gastroenterology. By chance, I attended the American College of Rheumatology meeting in San Antonio and came across a lot of exciting treatments for inflammatory disease, that allowed patients to have a normal quality of life. I was then awarded a research grant to study the effects of NSAIDS (aspirin / diclofenac-like drugs) on the gut, and mechanisms of toxicity in experimental lab models and in different ethnic groups.

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