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Please Don't Fall!

Tips to create a safe home

Falls are dangerous at any age but for older adults they can be especially troublesome - they can lead to broken bones or more serious issues. Some of the causes for falls in the elderly may be poor balance and reflexes. Other reasons may be medications causing dizziness, vision difficulties, and medical diseases including low blood pressure, diabetes and neuropathy.

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Get Active

Summer is a great time to start becoming more active. There are so many reasons why it is important for people to be active. Working out can help you lose weight and look more toned, but more importantly, it helps your body stay healthy on the inside. If you do not stay active you're putting your body at risk for diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer and many more potential problems. 

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Are You Getting The Sleep You Need?

Tips to get better quality sleep. 

The general recommendation for an adult, is to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I recently became a mom (I have a 4 month old) and I dream about getting 8 hours of sleep. There are many reasons why adults do not get enough sleep, and why some adults wake up tired, even after getting 7 or more hours of sleep. As a new mom, I usually feel like there is nothing I can do, but there are some things that can help the quality of the sleep you and I get. 

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Do I Have the Flu?

Flu prevention tips.

Many people across the country are coming down with the Flu. Yikes, I hope it's not you or me! Hand washing is a great defense against picking up unwanted germs and avoiding people with Flu-like symptoms.

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An Apple is Not Enough

Steps toward a healthy tomorrow.

Eating a certain food or doing a specific exercise is not enough to maintain good health. I wish it was that easy though, don't you? We are all so different and our health changes as we age, so we must continue to evaluate our overall health by completing an Annual HAWA HealthPoint Check-Up prevention screening. We must also be a continuous learner and read the health information that most interests you on a goal you have, a chronic health condition or a test or procedure coming up.

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