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HAWA Member Success Story!

HAWA High 5! Member Success Story!

One HAWA Member is feeling lighter, because she lost 73 pounds!

Comparing 3 years of data in the HAWA Program, this member lost weight, got out of the High Risk category, went from 5 Medium Risks to only 1 and improved their Blood Pressure. She worked with the HAWA Nutritionist and HAWA Nurse, as well as her personal Physician. Way to go!

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Benefits of Bone Broth

Is bone broth the newest superfood? 

Bone broth is not new, but it has become very popular again over the past few years, because of its benefits! What is bone broth though? It was a way our ancestors used the whole animal - bones and marrow, skin and feet, tendons and ligaments that you can’t eat directly, can be boiled and then simmered over a period of days. 

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